As a Life Success and Relationship Coach / Trainer: Mr. Porter leads people to discover their true primary and secondary core driving motives.  He directs participants in revealing their various temperament strengths and weaknesses, so that they might expand and accelerate their strengths and minimize and contain their weaknesses.  He then proceeds to inspire and empower those individuals to follow their life’s purpose, vision and dreams to achieve their highest human desires and potential.  Mr. Porter’s training and speaking style is one of intelligence, warmth, compassion and emotional energy.  Mr. Porter’s clients have raved that he relates with them on an intuitive and intimate level and that he does so with enormous personal understanding.  He is a true professional and operates with a high degree of character integrity.


Mr. Porter earned his B.A. degree from B.Y.U. in Family Financial Planning and Counseling.  He has also pursued additional studies in the field of Temperament Type.


Mr. Porter has over 23+ years experience working in the field of Personal and Professional Development covering such areas as: Family Financial Counseling & Coaching, Career and Employment Development Coaching, personality assessments, communications, relationship building, motivation, time management, thought control,goal setting and achievement.  Mr. Porter has done private work in Relationship and Career Coaching.  He also has experience working as a Leadership & Life Coach, representing internationally known Human Development & Performance speakers, trainers and writers to include: Peter Lowe International, Denis Waitley, FranklinCovey International and Jack Canfield, (best selling author of Chicken Soup for the Soul series & has authored other books selling over 120+ million copies worldwide).  Mr. Porter has personally coached over 25,000 sessions.  In 2009, Mr. Porter was rated as one of the top 2 Coaches out of 50+ Coaches at the Professional Education Institute.  He obtained the top 2 rating as having one of the highest Client satisfaction and success ratios.  


Mr. Porter is trained in various personality assessments such as: the Myers/Briggs Type Indicator, (MBTI), to which he is both qualified and licensed as a Professional Personality Profiler.  He has also been studying motivational and temperament psychology for over 22 years. Mr. Porter also has experience in administering the Winslow Dynamics Profile and the 360-degree feedback Assessments for over 7 years.  In 2002 and 2003 Mr. Porter was certified and licensed with Hartman Communications as an Independent Trainer for the Color Code and Character Code Personality Assessments.  


Mr. Porter has belonged to various community and professional member associations such as: the Utah Professional Coaches Association (personal & professional development coaching) and the Association for Psychological Type (Myers/Briggs Type Indicator). He has also been involved with Toastmasters International, (Utah Chapter), the League of Utah Writers, and National Speakers Association (Utah Chapter).  



As an avid reader, Mr. Porter estimates that he has read over 500,000+ pages in the last 23+ years in the area of personal & professional development, covering such topics as: inter/intra personal relationships, communication, human motivation & inspiration, goal setting & achievement, time management, personality profiling, human performance, character development, personal development assessments, affirmations, the power of our thoughts, holistic health, emotional healing, human energy dynamics, intuition, programming of the sub-conscious mind and quantum physics.  Mr. Porter strives to stay on the cutting edge of information and knowledge in the personal & professional improvement arena so that he always remains an effective Speaker, Trainer and Coach.  He is a versatile trainer and speaker, and he performs on a wide variety of development topics and subjects.


Mr. Porter has gained additional experience in: the marketing and selling of coaching programs and services for clients who specialize in Human Performance.  He has also worked for other national companies in positions as District Sales Manager, Trainer, Information Specialist, Employment and Financial Counselor.  Mr. Porter served as a Financial Intern Counselor to clients at a major private university working in their Financial Counseling Clinic in 1988.  In 1995, he was also certified as a Targeted Case Manager, to work with youth in helping and mentoring their lives.


Mr. Porter has done training and speaking at many different venues including:Excel Telecommunications Corporation, Brigham Young University, (Campus Student Athletes Group), Utah National Guard, (Camp Williams), Utah Department of Workforce Services, (Salt Lake City), Utah State Prison, (Salt Lake County), LDS Professionals Network Association, (Salt Lake County), Utah Professional Coaches Association, (Personal/Professional Development Coaches), and other various organizations.  In 1996 Mr. Porter was employed as a Trainer and District Sales Manager with a National Telecommunications Corporation.


Community Voluntary Service for the following Organizations: LDS Church, S. & N. Carolina, and Georgia: Mr. Porter worked with the public for two years on a daily basis.  He trained and directed work for 50 other volunteers as a Trainer, Zone and District Leader. Mr. Porter has also helped at: the BYU Financial Counseling Clinic, Utah Special Olympics, Big Brothers of America, SLC Homeless Shelter, and the Draper Arts Council. He was also a Financial & Membership Clerk for a local Church.


Mr. Porter enjoys many varied activities such as: tennis, bowling, basketball, gardening, travel, target shooting, camping and the beautiful outdoors.  He also has a great passion for: writing, arts, photography and Early American History and Constitutional Law studies.  Mr. Porter also has a strong ability and talent in the knowledge and practice of Emergency Preparedness, Ham Radio Communications and Family Home Storage.  His greatest achievement and love are for his two beautiful daughters, Melissa and Ashley!