Coach Ken


Coach Ken Porter: Experience and Education:


Ken has Coached over 23,000+ individual sessions for 15+ Years and Several Thousand Clients.  He has Coached Clients in over 80 Different Countries!  Ken has also been a personality expert for 23 years. 


Ken was the First Certified Life Success Coach Worldwide for Jack Canfield, (Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul Series)!  Personally Mentored and Trained by Jack Canfield.


Ken was 1 of 6 Certified Leadership Coaches Worldwide representing FranklinCovey Corporation!  (Represented Stephen R. Covey, author of the Top Business book of all time, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”).


Former Certified Life Success Coach for “The Secret” (Coaching was under the direction of Jack Canfield who was a major contributor to the Movie).  “The Secret” was and is a worldwide film phenomenon and contains many powerful principles!  


Bachelor of Arts Degree in Counseling: from Brigham Young University.


Former Certified Life Success Coach for Peter Lowe International, (which were the Largest Seminars in the World)!


Former Life Success Coach for Denis Waitley International.  Personally mentored by Denis Waitley who is an International Coach to World Leaders, Professional Athlete’s and NationalInternational Figures.  


Certified and Licensed to Coach and Administer the Myers-Briggs Assessment, (MBTI), 2002-2003+.   MBTI is one of the Top 3 Ranked Assessments in the World out of over 10,000 Personality Assessments.

Certified and Licensed as an Independent Trainer in 2002-2003 for Taylor Hartman and the Color Code and Character  Personality Profile Assessments!  Personally Coached by Taylor Hartman.


Trained and Licensed to Coach the Winslow Dynamics Profile Character Assessment for over 7 years!  Personally Coached by Bill Winslow.


Trained and Licensed to Coach the 360 degree Leadership Personality Profile Assesment!


Employment and Career Counselor for 7.5 years with the State of Utah!  


In 1995 Certified as a Targeted Case Manager to work with the Youth in helping and mentoring their lives.  


Was an active and participating Member of the Utah Professional Coaches Association for several years.


Ken has been Coaching on Temperament-Type Psychology for 23 years.


As an avid researcher and reader, Ken Porter estimates that he has read several hundred books in the last 23 years in the area of Personal/ Professional Development and Self Improvement.  Some of the subjects he has covered at great lengths are: Coaching,Temperament-Type Psychology, Time Management, Personality Profiling & Assessments, Communication, Relationship Building, Thought Control, Human Motivation & Inspiration, Programming of the Conscious/Sub-Conscious Mind, Emotional Intelligence, Human Performance, Character Development, Human Energy Dynamics, Properties of Light & Energy, (Positive vs. Negative), Holistic Health, Emotional Healing, (PTSD-Red Overlay), Intuition, Management, Leadership, Goal Setting & Achievement and Quantum Physics.  


Some of the Individual Types Ken has Coached:


Stay at Home Moms

Athlete’s in Training for the Olympics  

Professional Athlete’s

Church Ministers

Life Success, Business and Coaches of all Types!


Doctors/ Dentists/ Chiropractors

Business Owners/ Managers at all levels

Professors/ Teachers  

Beauty Queens 

College Students

Multi-Level Marketing Owners

Salesmen and Sales Executives

Hollywood Stars

PhD. Psychologists

Certified and Licensed Social Workers

PhD. Marriage and Family Counselors

Financial and Estate Planners

Stock Brokers

Ivy League Graduates/ MBA’s

Wall Street Executives/CEO’s

Professional Comedians and Magicians  

Professional Speakers/ Trainer

Published Writers

Nurses/ Holistic Health Practitioners

Clients in their Teens to Adults in their 80’s! Anyone wanting to reach their Hopes, Desires, Visions, Dreams or Goals!  


Here is some of the Personal-Professional Coaching Ken has done the last 23 years:


Life Success Coach

Relationship Coaching

Marriage and Child Relationship Coaching

Coaching to Other Coaches

Network Marketing Coach

Sales Coach

Executive/ Management Coaching

Life Transitioning

Financial Organizing

Personality- Temperament Coaching

Career-Employment Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Health-Fitness Coaching

Business Coaching  

Human Behavior Coaching (What motivates and drives the different personality- temperament types!)

   Coach Ken and Jack Canfield!